Frequently Asked Questions...

How accurate is your system?

Accurate enough to place in the top-10 handicappers four out of last five year! The big guns; ESPN, Covers, Sagarin, Eli, etc always get beat out by RP-Excel! Here’s my NFL prediction record for every single game of the seasons against the spread using midweek lines for consistency. (create a w this info & add O/U % as well). My track record can also be verified at The Prediction Tracker.

Current Season - as of week 11:

106-54 (66.3%)  SU
76-75 (50.3%)   ATS
72-83 (46.5%)   O/U

Previous Seasons:

2016:   58.4% SU   -  48% ATS
2015:   60.6% SU   -   58.1% ATS
2014:   66.1% SU  -  55.7% ATS

Previous Seasons:

2013:   58.2% SU   -  59% ATS
2012:   62.7% SU   -   53.8% ATS

A few reasons: I am a full-time cardiac anesthesiologist with hundreds of patients and staff. They come before everything! Saving lives is very rewarding and since gambling is illegal where I live, I don’t wish to jeopardize that. My salary isn’t that bad either J I am a huge nerd and enjoy statistics, sports, and (for better or worse) being right more than I do buying things.

RP-1 is my tried & tested system with a 6 year documented track record. RP-2 is my still experimental system utilizing artificial intelligence. It’s a work in progress and time will tell if it can out-predict RP-1. If you are going to tail my plays, I suggest going with RP-1 predictions.

My results are based on every single prediction for every game. You can see all the historical results on the prediction tracker for my system as well as a lot of others

Not really! Modeling is complex! For those of you working on your own models, I am happy to help answer questions (within reason). Feel free to email me. Please understand that I will not divulge any information about my system. It’s a family secret!

The best plays must have a difference between line and my prediction of 7 for ATS and 10 for O/U. Example , NE vs Tampa , my line is -12, Vegas line -5.5, a difference of 6.5 - not enough for ATS. Total is predicted to be 40, Vegas is 55 or so, thus greater than 10 so is an under play. Best Bet is the game with biggest difference (cushion) between Vegas line and my prediction.

I use the midweek lines for all of my plays.

No, the scores are fixed. If the line moves though, some predictions might become best bets if the cushion increases. Let's say the line is -3, and I have a team winning by -9 (no pick since it's only a 6 point cushion). If the line moves to -2, then it becomes a 7 point cushion and becomes a play.

With all due respect, if you are asking these types of questions, you should do yourself the favor and refrain from betting until you better educate yourself.

I currently predict NBA games & thoroughbred horses. Picks are available through my Platinum Club for select members.