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NCAAF Trends Report:

Below are NCAA football trends dating back to 1985 until the current week. The trend report is interpreted in the following way:
  • The listed "Team" in the first column...
  • In the "Last Game or Games" either won, lost, covered the spread or not, went over or under, etc...
  • With the "Next Opponent" being specifically ....
  • With the "Situation" being ...
  • With the "Line Range" falling between a certain range or any range
  • The "Type" of trend being either Against The Spread or Over / Under
  • Had the following "Won-Lost-Tie" record since 1985 which is a win "Pct" for that particular trend.
  • If the "Team" had a positive result - it is the play, if not, the "Opponent" would be the play as depicted in the last column.

I strongly recommend taking into consideration only the games that show a minimum of three, preferably five trends, all pointing to the same outcome!

*** If the final odds of the game fall outside of the range depicted in the "Line Range" column, the trend becomes null and void, as the trend pertains only to that criteria***

NCAAF Trends:  Monday, January 1, 2018

ncaaf semifinal trends