The RP-Excel RP-1 System Has Been Adapted For The 2017-2018 NBA Season.

You've spoken, I've listened and your request for NBA predictions is fulfilled.

Pedictions will be offered to a limited 250 platinum club members for the upcoming 2017-2018 season.

Members will receive access to my member section with predictions to every single NBA game including “best bet” plays.

What is RP-1?

RP-1 is my third child. It’s a mathematical system I’ve developed over the past ten years that uses a combination of neural networks, genetic algorithms, and Monte Carlo simulations to predict the outcomes of games.

How accurate is RP-1?

NFL predictions have been tracked for 5 years over at

This data for every prediction of every game across the last five seasons, including this current year.

RP1 NFL Stats

2012: 62.7% SU / 53.8% ATS

2013: 58.2% SU / 59% ATS

2014: 66.1% SU, 55.7% ATS

2015: 60.6% SU / 58.1% ATS

2016: 58.4% SU / 48% ATS

2017 SO FAR: 67.7% SU / 60.3% ATS

2015 ATS - 4th Place

2015 results

2014 ATS - 8th Place

2014 results

2013 ATS - 4th Place

2013 results

2012 ATS - 5th Place

2012 results

That’s 4 top ten finishes in last 5 years!

The big guns; ESPN, Covers, Sagarin, Eli, etc always get beat out by RP-Excel.

While NFL picks remain free as a vehicle to document RP-Excel , our exclusive Platinum Club offers NBA predictions.


If your picks are so good, why do you sell them?

Betting on NBA games is illegal where I live.

I am also a cardiac anesthesiologist at a large hospital group with hundreds of patients and staff.

They come first and I need to keep things clean!

Due to the high volume of NBA games I have decided to employ a full time staff to make sure you are devliered the best customer service.

What's included in the Monthly Platinum Club Membership?  ($239.00)

  • Regular Season Score Predictions For 1 Month
  • Daily Platinum Plays (ATS, Total)
  • Daily Trend Reports
  • Daily Top Fantasy Team for DraftKings and FanDuel
  • All Race Cards From  (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Triple Crown Stakes Races NOT Included
  • Email Support


Monthly  Platinum  Club  Membership
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Sample Platinum Picks

Sample Platinum Picks

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