Jim Bob's Week 17 Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selections
December 31st, 2017

Last week was another GREAT week of selections folks. 
The top selection was a winner and I went 80% overall! 

It's very exciting in an exciting time of year for all NFL fans when we see the playoffs start coming together.  The drama (this is the good kind of drama too!) of the season begins to unfold and we start wondering who will the next champion be?  Will it be another year of crowning arguably the greatest quarterback and coach of all time in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?  Or will another team take over the honors such as a blast from the past like Minnesota or Philadelphia?  Or will a new kid on the block be the Cinderella story this year like the Jacksonville Jaguars?  The real question is who wants it most and who can deliver on that desire?  I love this time of year!
As of last week:
  • Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selection 2-2
  • Highest Data Points Selections 3-4
  • Medium Data Points Selections 15-4
  • Overall Win Rate 69%

***Week 17 Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selection***
There are FOUR high data selections this week that are all too close in their percentages (68%) to distinguish so all four should be played if you wish to play this pick.  If all goes according to plan we should get 3 of the 4 correct, but being week 17 maybe 2-2 worst case.  We shall see, but the meta-analysis says to PLAY THEM!
  • Baltimore -9.5 hosting Cincinnati 
  • Buffalo -2.5 at Miami
  • Dallas -3 at Philadelphia
  • Denver -3.5 hosting Kansas City 
Medium Data Point Selections
  • Houston/Indianapolis Under 40 83%
  • L.A. Chargers -8 hosting Oakland 79%
I want to join Romeo Pericic in wishing you all a very happy healthy and prosperous New Year in 2018!  Thanks for all the nice comments and encouragement this past year.  I truly appreciate every reader.  Thanks also to Romeo and his son Bo, who made this all possible for me. 
God Bless and I wish you all the very best! 
See you for the playoffs!
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