***Jim Bob's Championship Weekend Selections***
January 18th, 2018

Well this week will be a little unconventional but it's the playoffs so the rules change slightly!
First let's update the stats.  One again this week there is no ats record or o/u record selections.  
As of last week the meta-analysis record was:
Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selections 5-5
Highest Data Points Selections 6-8
Medium Data Points Selections 18-7 (72%)

This week the meta analysis has no selections, but I wanted to offer some thoughts.  First of all my selections last week were 0-2.  YUCK!  However, Romeo Pericic, the owner of this site has been on a remarkable run with ats selections from the NFL trends and I want to publicly congratulate him.  The selection he made this week is for Philadelphia +3 against Minnesota.  You may want to give this some serious consideration.
My contribution this week is NOT from the meta-analysis but does take the RP Excel selections into account.  Those show the Patriots beating the Jaguars by 6 points and 3 points.  Many other data models I've reviewed have similar point spreads projected.  My conclusion?  New England should not be an 8.5 point favorite (it was 9 and the fact that it is shrinking is also a telltale sign).  I would strongly consider taking Jacksonville +8.5 and not waiting for the spread to go even lower.  Jacksonville's defense is excellent and if they play as well as they did against the Steelers, they will keep it close and even conceivably upset the mighty Patriots (although I am not certain this will happen, but it sure could and I would be rooting for them).  No offense intended to the Patriot faithful.  Their greatness (especially the QB and head coach) go without say.  I just thoroughly enjoy the new blood at this level in the playoffs,  Go Jags!  Make it a great game for all of us fans!  As for the Vikings, they have NEVER won a Super Bowl (like Jacksonville) but have come close.  If history's odds ultimately bear out then this should be their time.  My sense of NFL justice says it is.  Good luck to fans of all the teams as well as to the teams themselves.  May the best teams win!  Cant wait to see what greatness emerges!
All the best to you!  -Jim Bob
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